I finally took a break from the Space Patrol site and decided to get on with some of the other aspects of the domain.

Now you may ask what current affairs has to do with Space Patrol Today is yssterday's tommorrow and tommorrow's yesterday. That means that if there is to be the kind of world in which Space Patrol could exist, we look forward and the inhabitants of that world will look backwards (in time) at us and ask "how?" and "why?".

The "how?" is based on the principles that we have and how well we executed them: Before you have shed rivers of blood, you need to write oceans of ink. Equipped as we are with a central nervous system and high-level processing, we have to figure thngs out both in the sense of "do I really want to do this?" and "How do I bring it off?". This is the job of the intellect and the intellectual aspect of a culture.

This relates to what this site is about. and is called a mission statement: the GOALS and METHODS of commentary

GOALS: These relate to communication of the ideas behind what is going on; whether it's IN FOCUS or FROM THE COCKPIT.
METHOD: Logical analysis. That is, the application of the faculty of Reason in an orderly, focused and systematic fasion to the ideas and principles by which things are happening.

To illustrate these, I have provided two such essays. Up until recently, I did not realize that they crossed pathes

There are provisions made for response and dialog. In fact I hope to have a letters page on display. I can publish two kinds of letter.

  1. The thoughtful, well-articulated and cogent response
  2. The idiotic, belligerent, vague or fallacy/falsehood-ridden one to use as an example of the dopey, stupid and evil
You are expected to