this is the place where I call things to your attention and correct any errors that I have makde or that I pick up and repeat.

ERRATA: In THE DEFEAT Of The CONSERVATIVES I listed Ruxh Lumbaug as being a (reluctant) supporter of McCain. I had been told that. As of the last week of June (about the 28, Rush said that McCain is "destroying the (Republican) party" by making it almost indistinguishable from the Democratic Party. And the last I saw from Michelle Malkin about McGore was not complimentary

NOTA BENE: Everyone seems to be tripping over themselves not to question the patriotism of McGore. Well Senator Liebermann is quoted by Rush Limbaugh as saying of McCain's foreign POlicy " closer to Goro's and My foreign policy than Obama's..." (hmmmm seems that "McGore" isn't that far off the mark, is it?). What can you say of a mann's patriotism if a high ranking member of his campaign staff (Juan Hernandez) is a recent member of the Vincente Fox (Mexican) government, and he regularly doess business with a pro-illegal anti-US group like La Raza/The Race (What does McCain have in common with Michelle Obama? They both hate Whitey)? Now maybe he was a war hero (although the military has a different view of persons who "let" themselves become prisoners), but that was 40 years ago. For those of you in Rio Limbo, that's two generations. And what is to be said of a man who says to a campaign rival who is a self-made millionaire who salveged a number of on-the-rocks businesses and turned them into profitable companies. "What you do, you do for profit. What I do, I do out of patriotism" with a class-warfare sneer worthy of Geroge McGovern. Of Achilles, it was said disparagingly by the other Greeks in The Illiad "See, he comes blowing his own horn". Does that include consorting with anti-US persons and groups? And if he is not a proto-Marxist, he sure likes to speak the lingo! What was it said about patriotims being the last refughe of scoundrels? I know of no confirmed friendly relations between Obama and any active foreign, anti-US interests. The best they have on him is a tired, bitter old hippie that took his creed literally. You will never hear me claim to be a patriot. I am not: I am an Americanist right to th bone. The implicit philosophy that is Americanism fits me to the last decimal place. As such I QUESTION THE LOYALTY OF JOHN