I am re-activiation this section for two reasons

  1. As part of the renovation of SpacePatrol.US in general. What was once the Space Patrol Site console is now at the end and is the "Take-away". I call it that since it reflects the results of the influence that Space Patrol had on me. This influence is not the direct one but more indirect. The kind of world that was implicit in SP. The ideas and ideals that were implicit and the "look and feel" of that world. visually: Art Decco, aurally: Quick tempo, sharply focused and energetic, intellectually: Guided by Reason.
  2. I have re-activated my Facebook account and I want this, along with my Randite place, to be my statement of principles and such.
This is a bit late to the dance for the following reason: Over the last several years, I developed Kerataconus, This is as its name says, a cone-shaped cornea. This is destructive of eyesight and it was getting to the point where just looking and seeing was a diffult and tiring chore. Well I had some very successful (so far. we are not out of the woods yet) srugery in which a new cornea was put in and a lens implant. I still have unrelated problems that nobody seems to understand and am not yet able to read print; the retrun of which ability I am looking forward with great eagerness. But the to-date results are absolutely wonderful and I am ecstatic.


Thus I re-activated this column